The Birmok Media Co. Inc., founded in Florida, is the continued success of Birmok Enterprises Inc., which was founded in 2003. The business potential began in Europe in 1990 and, from then until the present day, the company has experienced great success in the international market, largely after expanding its international marketing and consulting in 2007.

Birmok Media Co. Inc. advertising consultants provide complex and well-organized service to small and average-sized businesses around the Florida, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. As such, our services are divided into four groups and are priced accordingly, so as to better cater to the needs of our customers.

For years, brands large and small have trusted technological excellence to make their websites and online experiences work as planned – the first time, every time. Our company works closely with each client to establish workable goals and objectives, set in a reasonable plan and budget.

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